Deal Assured was founded in 2005 and is now recognised as a UK leader in providing a highly specialised service delivering valid ‘Key Person Assurance Protection contracts’ that are designed to be fit-for-purpose, as intended.

Such is the strength of our reputation, proven track record and our compelling proposition gained over the decades, we have navigated a pathway evolving as a UK leader responsible for implementing Billions of Pounds of Sums Assured. We are trusted with delivering Key Person Assurance solutions for some of the country's high profile individuals and complex deals.

Our position of trust, supported with our positive differentiation and relationship connectivity, puts our clients at ease, whilst being directly at the centre of the Universe of The Entrepreneur whom we are privileged to work with and serve.


37 YearsExperience


1000s of DealsComplete


100% Paymentof Valid Claims

It appears to me that the world has become smaller, spins somewhat faster and life is becoming relentless, all of which brings a set of new exciting challenges and opportunities. And as a result, there is a clear and distinct outcome -  as a consequence of their wealth creation, entrepreneurs are turning to us for more relevant advice.

Given we do not hold out to be generalist (our clear positive differentiation) and have over 37 years’ experience and know-how in this field we are the natural partner to align with other key specialist advisers. Together, we are able to offer the entrepreneur a cornucopia of meaningful services, products and strategic long term advice. To this end we have joined with Sovereign Wealth, a St. James’s Place Principal Partner Practice.  

Our view is there is a place for online advice and services; however The Entrepreneur will always require ‘relationship’ personal advice and service provided face to face. We also recognise that the adviser of the future will evolve and be expected to work with a team of highly qualified experienced professionals who can consider a multitude of dynamic strategies that address the needs of at least three generations.